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Red Igloo Music Publishing Red Igloo Music Publishing is a leading music publisher, distributor and producer of production music and is based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Owners Fred and Lynn Woods have many years experience in music, television, advertising and post production both in South Africa as well as abroad. As such, they are uniquely qualified to understand and meet the specialised musical needs of highly demanding clients working within these industries.


What is Production Music? Production Music, also sometimes referred to as “library” or “mood” music, is music which has been specifically created and produced to meet the needs of the media industry.

The music is made available to broadcasters, production companies, advertising agencies etc on a strictly non-exclusive basis. It is an extremely cost effective and efficient way for companies involved in content creation to have access to world class music which already has the rights pre cleared.
Our Service Our responsibility is to market and administer our catalogue, service our clients and to look after the interests of the composers and publishers that we represent from all around the globe.

We strive to do this efficiently and with integrity, and we are committed to finding solutions to meet your specific musical requirements, making your music search as simple and hassle free as possible.
About our Catalogues The range of production music offered by Red Igloo covers every possible music genre with around 120 000 separate titles currently available from more than one hundred catalogues.

This is equivalent to more than six thousand CD’s.

Virtually all of these are offered in a variety of different lengths, mixes and cut downs, giving you access to more than 300 000 tracks.

From the classics to the latest cutting edge sounds from around the world, you’re sure to find something within our catalogue which will enhance and add tremendous value to your production.

Each and every library that we represent has been carefully chosen for its originality and high production values and we can offer music in every genre, featuring many of the worlds leading composers, producers and musicians.

The Music

Red Igloo is the exclusive South African distributor of the world’s finest production music.

We have over many years developed a close relationship with leading music publishers and producers internationally, and this has enabled

us to source and obtain exclusive local rights to some of the most innovative and exciting music available.

Although our range is extensive, we are nonetheless always on the look out for material which is fresh and exciting, music which will specifically enhance and compliment our existing catalogue.